The most recent cookbook “The Pioneer Woman” saved her “cooking conscience”


Ree Drummond hit her breaking point when it comes to cooking during the pandemic and said she “needs to find ways to save my sanity in the kitchen.” This is where Drummond’s new cookbook comes in – the easy shortcut recipes have helped her maintain her “love for cooking”.

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Ree Drummond was exhausted from cooking during the pandemic

Drummond has stopped View October 19 to promote his new cookbook, The pioneer woman cooks: super easy!, which offers many easy-to-assemble shortcut recipes. Drummond was asked how she fared during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and while she shared the best part was quality time with her family, she admitted that it was also a challenge.

The pioneer woman The star explained that she and her husband Ladd “were slowly heading towards an empty nest… then the covid hit and everyone came home.” It meant a house full of hungry people and Drummond discovered that she was losing her love for cooking a bit.

“I was cooking all the time and I couldn’t take it anymore,” she confessed. “During covid, I like to say, I almost lost my religion with cooking. It was just so much bulk.

This feeling of frustration contributed to her new cookbook because she wanted to make easy recipes. “So it’s sort of the place where all the recipes [in the cookbook] was just – I had to calm down, ”Drummond explained. Her cookbook recipes all have “a shortcut component that makes them easy,” according to the Food Network host.

Ree Drummond joked “I gave birth to my child” with the latest release from her cookbook

Drummond took to Instagram on October 19 to reveal that his Pioneer Woman cookbook is out now.

“I gave birth to my child today! Well… my cookbook kid, ”she joked. “The recipes in this cookbook appeared for days (months!)).”

The pioneer woman The star gave her followers a rundown of her favorite recipes in the book and they’re all drool-worthy but totally simple to prepare. “You can swipe forward to see some of my favorite dishes from the book,” she explained. “I hope you like this cookbook as much as I loved writing it! “

“Pioneer Woman Star Said She Keeps Eating Her Recipes

When appearing on View, the hosts asked Drummond about his recent weight loss and The pioneer woman The star assured viewers that she still ate her recipes.

Joy Behar wondered, “How do you lose weight when you eat all day?” Drummond said his daughter Alex’s marriage had motivated her to get in better shape. “I couldn’t for many years and, you know, it happens – it crept in, but my daughter got married this year and that was a nice little motivation,” she explained. . “I kind of thought maybe my dress should close on the wedding day.”

“That’s when the process started, but then I started to feel better, and it was less about losing weight, and more just ‘Wow, that feels good and I kind of want to continue like this, ”Drummond continued.

She’s more mindful of portion sizes these days, but still eats the same foods. “I always eat the things I love because my family will never go along with quinoa and kale. It’s not that there is something wrong with quinoa and kale, but then I just learned kinds of portions, ”she explained.

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