The men who used religion to justify sketchy relationships

Many 90 Day Fiancé relationships have been controversial, especially when franchise men have used their religion to justify their creepy behavior.

the 90 day fiance The franchise featured many questionable relationships, including some marriages involving religious men. Although many cast members are religious and not a problem, there are many cases of religious men trying to justify their relationships with younger women or controlling the women they date because of their beliefs. nuns. Find out which religious men in the 90 day fiance the franchise has angered fans with their opinions on relationships.

When it comes to the 90 day fiance franchise, the cast members surprised viewers with “age gap” relationships. The extended franchise features many instances of young women being chased by older men, as well as older women seeking younger male partners. Viewers deemed some of these relationships to be inappropriate, as power imbalances became apparent. However, fans of the franchise are particularly annoyed with the franchise’s older men, who have started dating younger women and marrying them for religious reasons. The use of religion to justify questionable relationship choices was not well received by viewers.


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While some 90 day fiance cast members are called out for their relationship age gaps, other franchise relationships feature controlling partners. Viewers watched 90 day fiance partners turn on each other, while other people have used their religion as a way to control their partners. Fans have expressed anger that a number of female franchisees have been forced to change to accommodate their husbands’ beliefs. This is because many franchise men who speak out about their religion flagrantly violate their own religious moral codes. Find out how the following religious franchisees have offended viewers.

Ben Rathbun

Ben Rathbun Mahogany Roca 90 Day Fiancé Before 90 Days

the 90 Day Fiance: Before 90 Days Season 5 newcomer Ben Rathbun joined the current season late. However, in no time, he was called by viewers. Ben, who is in his 50s, was married to his ex-wife for decades and had four children with her. Now the former pastor is using his faith to justify dating Mahogany Roca, a Peruvian woman he thought was 24 (she’s actually 22). Ben repeatedly said he believed God brought Mahogany into his life and believed God wanted him to pursue her, even after Mahogany told Ben not to visit him in Peru. Ben remains determined to make things work with Mahogany despite her obvious lack of feelings for him because he thinks it’s “God’s plan.“Many viewers find it convenient that”God’s planbecause Ben happens to be a 22-year-old woman who is the same age as his daughter.

Steven Johnson

Steven Alina Instagram in 90 Day Fiance

Steven Johnston appeared on 90 Day Fiance: The Other Way season 3. He was accused of religious hypocrisy and using his Mormon faith to control his now wife, Alina. He told her he had to convert to Mormonism to marry her, even though Alina was raised to think Mormonism was a cult. TOWSteven expected Alina to remain a virgin until marriage and abstain from drinking caffeine or alcohol, among other Mormon rules. However, Steven did not hold himself to the same high religious standards he held Alina to. Steven revealed to Alina that he had slept with many women, including when he was dating her. Meanwhile, he continued to chat with other women after they got married. Therefore, it seems that Steven used his religion to dictate how he expected Alina to behave.

Alain Cox

Alan Kirlyam Cox Season 1 The Kids Got Married Together in 90 Day Fiance 2

Alan Cox appeared in the very first season of 90 day fiance and remains happily married to Brazilian beauty, Kirlyam Cox. While Kirlyam is beloved by fans of the franchise for her sweet nature, some viewers can’t fathom how the couple first met. Alan, who is eight years older than Kirlyam, met her when she was just a child and he was on a Mormon mission in her hometown. 90DFAlan and Kirlyam later reunited and started dating when Kirlyam was older, but viewers remain confused by their first meeting. Alan also angered viewers by crushing Kirlyam’s modeling dreams when he said his pose was against his Mormon faith. Although the couple are still married and happy parents, some viewers remain skeptical of Alan.

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David Vazquez Zermeno

Evelyn and David in 90 Day Fiance Love Games

David Vázquez Zermeño is another religious actor who sued a woman younger than him because of her faith. David was 27 when he married Evelyn Cormier, who was only 18. David seemed to have a strange relationship with sex, as he notoriously refused to discuss it on camera. Many viewers thought David wanted to be seen as a nice guy, although there was something more sinister lurking beneath the surface that he was trying to cover up with his faith. 90DF‘s Evelyn revealed that the couple separated a few months ago, which led her to open up about their marriage and accuse her religious husband of mental and emotional abuse. She said their relationship lacked any kind of passion.

Josh Strobel

Many viewers were unhappy with the relationship between Josh Strobel and his now wife Aleksandra Iarovikova, due to Josh’s faith. Like Steven, Josh used his Mormon faith to change a lot about Aleksandra. Josh converted her to Mormonism, which dramatically changed her life. Aleksandra enjoyed drinking and partying and worked as a go-go dancer, although she gave up her entire lifestyle to conform to Josh’s church rules. While Josh came across as much softer and more sheltered than Steven, viewers were nonetheless unhappy with how much religion controlled their relationship, even though the duo remained together.

Benjamin Taylor

Before 90 days Actor Benjamin Taylor is another man who has viewers worried because of how his faith has affected his relationships. Ben is married to his Kenyan partner Akinyi Obala, but their relationship has certainly not been perfect. Ben was extremely controlling of Akinyi and used his faith to justify his actions. While Akinyi is also religious, 90 day fiance fans were nonetheless concerned about how Benjamin tried to control Akinyi, which scared viewers.

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