The Fiji Times » A pastor ready for politics

The leader of a Christian denomination has declared his intention to join the local political field ahead of this year’s elections because he has overwhelming support from people who want change.

Pastor Tuiloma Tawaivuna, head of the Eleventh Hour Ministry, says he sees no problem in joining politics and recent studies he has conducted have revealed that politics is essentially governmental.

“We at the Eleventh Hour Ministry believe in the concept of the kingdom of God rather than religion and these two are two separate entities, one is a man made religion and the other is a created kingdom by God,” Mr. Tawaivuna said.

“The Kingdom of God results in a government of God. One comes from earth, which is religion, and the other comes from heaven.

“We are not some kind of religious organization. We see ourselves as a legislative council or agency of God’s government on earth. This is how we continue our existence as an eleventh-hour ministry.

Mr Tawaivuna applied this week to register his proposed political party in Suva and is confident of securing votes in this year’s elections.

“We associate politics, which also translates to government, with the kingdom.

“It is difficult for a religious person to enter politics because it separates the Church from the State.

“They say these two entities are different, but for us, as a citizen of the kingdom, as a citizen of a paradise called government, we can also enter politics because politics is government.”

Mr. Tawaivuna says there is virtually no problem for pastors and religious leaders to enter politics and there is no law prohibiting them from doing so.

He says the 2013 Constitution also clearly states that nothing prohibits religious appointees from joining politics.

The Lautoka-based Christian ministry leader said he has received tremendous support from across Fiji and abroad which has continued to boost his confidence in the run-up to the elections.

“I saw this as a step forward.”

Mr Tawaivuna says he has overwhelming support from people who want change.

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