SOWING THE SEEDS OF FAITH: Real Christmas Gifts | Religion

Recently I shared a call from a family asking for help. Christmas can be a visible reminder of who receives generously and who receives little or nothing! Christmas was never meant to be like this.

Jesus was born in a stable surrounded by farm animals. The heavenly angels of God appeared to a group of poor shepherds outside of Bethlehem. What happened to the original Christmas message?

“There were times when I got caught up in the Christmas craziness, the lights, the presents, getting into debt, trying to buy everyone a present. But I got older and the real meaning of Christmas has changed. I don’t worry about not having a gift to buy. With so many uncertainties today, we should focus more on giving and less on receiving. ” – Cynthia

“I grew up in a fairly large and famous church. So I called their office and asked them if there was a family that needed help and companionship. They had no idea what I was talking about. They didn’t know a single family, student, or senior that fits the bill. Something is wrong with this picture. Have we forgotten how difficult vacations can be for people? “- Rebecca

Mike Slaughter in his book “Christmas Is Not Your Birthday” writes: “We are called at Christmas and all year round to seek and serve Jesus. We can let the light of Christ shine in our lives through the love we show to others.

“We make food baskets in our church and buy toys for the children and give them to the needy in our area. I often remind people that “Jesus is the reason for the season”. “- Margaret

“We sponsor a family every year and buy gifts for the children. We want to help. – Buzz

How will you and your church react to the birth of Jesus Christ?

The churches I serve in Louisa County support the “Santa Council” which provides boxes with the complete ingredients for a Christmas meal, including a turkey, as well as clothes, toys, books and other gifts. for around 600 families each year. The council was formed in 1988 by people who wanted to distribute Christmas aid more evenly. Social services often provided many families who needed help. The Santa Claus Council is made up entirely of volunteers, so there is virtually no overhead.

One church met with community leaders several years ago and organized “Christmas Parents,” who honor “special” parents as examples, then receive donations and gifts from others across the county. to give Christmas to more than 500 children each year.

Another church solicits the names of needy children from elementary schools in the area, then matches those names with families in their congregation who include these children as part of their Christmas shopping. This church gives Christmas to hundreds of needy children every year.

One family read our devotion several weeks ago about a family asking for help and are now giving Christmas to children and parents.

Mike Slaughter is right: Christmas is not your birthday. So our challenge is to find creative ways to express our love for Jesus as we honor his birthday.

What better way to put Christ in your Christmas this year than by helping someone in need? God will bless you for it. Have a merry Christmas and be blessed 2022.

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