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In these troubled times, Pageau said, many analysts “dismiss valid concerns about racism and the history of colonization in Europe and the plight of African Americans in issues of church history and art. which are centuries old. It’s kind of a category error and everything just gets mixed up.

But that’s what happened when debates over some #BlackLivesMatter activists toppling Confederate memorials – as well as attacks on Catholic statues and even insufficiently ‘awake’ Founding Fathers – veered into # territory. WhiteJesus.

“Yes, I think the statues of the white European they claim to be Jesus should come down as well. They are a form of white supremacy, ”tweeted Shaun King, author of“ Make Change: How to Fight Injustice, Dismantle Systemic Oppression, and Own Our Future ”.

The popular Internet scribe later added, “All the murals and stained glass windows of White Jesus, and his European mother and their white friends, should also drop. … We can debate [whether] or not, Jesus was real all day. What I do know is that White Jesus is a lie. And is a white supremacist tool created and advanced to help whites use faith as a tool of oppression. Besides, they would never have accepted a religion from a brown man.

During this firestorm, some Christian conservatives have asserted King’s main point, with crucial caveats.


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