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Many years ago I had the privilege of hearing Dr. SM Lockridge speak at a conference I was attending. He served as pastor of Calvary Baptist Church, a large African-American congregation in San Diego, California, from 1953 to 1993. He was known for his preaching throughout the United States and around the world.

Periodically, I reread the last words of the sermon I had heard him preach, which I transcribed from a tape. His description of Jesus is something I will never forget. You might also benefit from it.

He is the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End!

He is the Guardian of Creation and the Creator of everything!

He is the architect of the universe and the manager of all time.

It always has been, it always is, and it always will be. . .

Immutable, Unchanged, Undefeated and never Defeated.

He was bruised and brought healing!

He was pierced and pain relieved!

He was persecuted and brought freedom!

He was dead and brought life!

He is risen and brings power!

He reigns and brings peace!

The world can’t understand it,

Armies cannot defeat him,

Schools can’t explain It, and

Leaders cannot ignore Him.

Herod could not kill him,

The Pharisees could not confuse him, and

The People could not hold Him back!

Nero couldn’t crush it,

Hitler could not silence him,

The New Age cannot replace it, and

Talk show hosts can’t explain it!

He is Light, Love, Longevity and Lord.

He is Goodness, Kindness, Gentleness and God.

He is Holy, Just, Mighty, Mighty and Pure.

His will is immutable and

I serve him because his bond is love,

His goal for me is the abundant life.

I am because he is

The Power of the Mighty,

The Overseer of Victors, and

The Sovereign Lord of all that was, is, and is to come.

Yet, His goal is a relationship with me!

Never cancel my appointment in His appointment book!

When I fall, He picks me up!

When I fail, he forgives!

When I’m weak, he’s strong!

When I am lost, He is the way!

When I am afraid, He is my courage!

When I stumble, He stabilizes me!

When I’m hurt, He heals me!

When I’m broken, He fixes me!

When I am blind, He leads me!

When I’m hungry, He feeds me!

When I face trials, He is with me!

When I face persecution, He protects me!

When I face problems, He comforts me!

When I face loss, He provides for me!

When I face death, He brings me Home!

He is everything for everyone, everywhere, at all times and in all ways.

He is God, He is faithful.

I am his and he is mine!

Don Green is the pastor of First Christian Church in Ellensburg.

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