Madrassa underage boy faked ‘community attack’ to get Karnataka police attention

Earlier this week, a police case was filed in Karnataka that an underage Muslim boy returning from the madrassa was assaulted by two men “of another religion” who abused him and ripped his clothes off. The allegation was reported in the media as a possible community crime, prompting strong reactions on social media.

After investigation, police say the boy made up the story and was never assaulted.

Various newspapers quoted Mangaluru Police Commissioner N Shashi Kumar as saying the boy ripped his shirt off with his own pen and made up the story as he was not attracting attention at home and at school.

The Times of India quoted the senior police officer as saying: “Taking the incident very seriously, our officials promptly investigated and collected evidence including circumstantial witnesses and verified CCTV footage. During this time, my team and I also interacted with the boy in the presence of representatives of the Child Protection Committee and a doctor. In fact, the boy faced the problem of learning difficulties and he is unable to concentrate on studies. He encounters difficulties due to the lack of close friends at school. He also feels ignored in class because of his dark complexion and poor academic skills. Meanwhile, poverty at home has also added to her woes and her parents are also worried about her future.

The boy, 13, attends a madrassa in the Surathlal region and also studies at a local school.

The boy’s confession came after CCTV footage did not match his allegations, police say.

The boy had earlier said he was assaulted around 9.30pm near Chakravarthy ground on Monday. A police case has been filed under Article 320 of the ICC (any injury which endangers life or causes the victim to be for the space of twenty days in severe physical pain, or unable to continue his or her ordinary prosecution) at Surathkal police station on a complaint from his Parents.

He admitted to lying to police on Thursday.

The incident had caused community tensions in the Surathkal, Krishnapura and Hosabettu areas of Mangaluru, which is known to be community sensitive.

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