Insecurity will decrease if Nigerians respect each other’s religion: cleric

The Chief Imam of the Calabar Central Mosque, Kabir Olowolayemo, said the current insecurity in Nigeria could be curbed if citizens respected the religions of others.

Mr Olowolayemo said this in commemoration of the celebration of Eid-El-Kabir on Saturday.

“The major problem we have in Nigeria is that most of us only care about ourselves without considering the ways and feelings of others.

“My advice for the whole nation is that if we want a lasting solution to the problem of insecurity and the absence of peace, it is up to us to respect each other, regardless of religion and ethnicity,” he said. he declared.

He said religion should play a vital role in mediating between the nation’s citizens and should not be a divisive element.

Mr. Olowolayemo advised Nigerians not to let religion and tribal sentiments cloud their reasoning in the task of nation building.

“Nigeria is a secular state. We should not use religion or tribe as criteria for choosing our leaders, but rather people should vote according to their conscience.

“Letting our votes be swayed by material things is unwise as these items will be sold out in less than a week and our suffering will continue.

“We must forget our differences and opt for the most credible candidates who have the ability to provide lasting solutions to the myriad challenges we face as a nation,” he said.


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