Increasing Installment Housing Loan

Capital income in Turkey is 10 thousand US dollars per capital, is to create a table so optimistic compared to developed countries. According to data, when national income expenditures are analyzed, it is seen that a ratio of 26.7% is reserved for food and beverage only. On the other hand, a very small proportion of 10% is furniture and home appliances, housing, water, electricity, gas and other goods and services. When these rates are taken into consideration, the chances of consumers to own a house are very low. Because the majority of the income is spent on basic conditions in Turkey owned supplies.

Consumer’s average income 


A consumer with an average income may receive a negative response from any bank he / she will go to apply for the loan he / she needs to own a house if he / she does not have an additional income. To illustrate; A consumer with a monthly income of 2000 USD is unlikely to buy a house in the near-center districts of Istanbul. For the house with a price of 100,000 USD, the maximum loan that the bank can give you is 75,000 USD. Payment amounts for a loan of 75,000 USD;

  • 1,600-1,700 USD for 60-month housing loan
  • 1.050-1.200 USD for a 120-month housing loan
  • 800.00-900.00 USD for 240 months term housing loan.


Get a mortgage loan

Get a mortgage loan

It seems difficult to get a mortgage loan for a house of high value with a salary of 2,000 USD from the above data. Because the loan installment should not exceed 40-50% of the monthly household income. So, how can you be a host under these conditions?

With your monthly salary of 2,000 USD, you can make an increasing payment plan and arrange your loan installment according to the increase in your salary. To illustrate; When you prepare the amount of credit you have applied for 75.000 USD with 180-month increasing payment plan, you can configure the installment amount you will pay in the first three years around 690, 730 and 760 USD. With this payment plan, compared to the increase in your annual salary, the amount of installment you pay will increase. Your dream of owning a house like paying rent can be realized with this plan.

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