ICYMI: North Carolina religious leaders denounce Mark Robinson’s dangerous rhetoric

Report of The Assembly describes Mark Robinson’s fiery visits to churches in North Carolina, calling him “a drill sergeant preparing his troops for the culture warsand quoting a dozen religious leaders and scholars who issue critical warnings of the impact of his dangerous rhetoric.

Read part of what they said:

  • Robinson “fails to incorporate the strong biblical emphasis on justice… The biblical teaching on justice includes caring for the poor, marginalized, and immigrants in the land.”
  • “It is to claim biblical literalism in such a way that it contradicts the core of the Gospel, which is truly ‘Love your neighbor as yourself’. It is Jesus speaking.
  • “It’s an us versus them mentality. So I think that’s very polarizing… And there’s no real appeal to the way the Bible portrays God as a lover of justice and a defender of the weak.
  • “Highlighting how white Southerners once claimed to find a blessing for slavery in the Bible, Howard added, ‘Scripture can become a weapon when not properly interpreted.'”
  • “’To turn the Christian faith into a religion of war, I think you have violated the heart, soul and core of what it means to be Christlike.’…Robinson and other human rights advocates guns should be careful not to unwittingly offer “biblical permission” to groups like the Proud Boys who are willing to “take up the sword”.

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