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Frank-Walter Steinmeier was re-elected Federal President of Germany in the first vote, with the support of a large majority in the Federal Assembly (1,045 out of 1,437 votes).

It was voted not only by the 3 ruling parties (Social Democratic Party, SPD; Greens; and Liberal Democratic Party FDP), but also by the Christian Democrats (UDC).

After his acceptance speech, county media such as papule and Time praised his “very clear words” and defined him as “a combative president”.

In his speech, Steinmeier emphasized that as Federal President he is non-partisan, “but I am not neutral when it comes to the cause of democracy. I will not shy away from controversy because democracy needs controversy”.

Furthermore, he pointed out that the the cohesion of society will be a priority in his second term.

Steinmeier confirmed his candidacy for re-election last Maywhile his SPD party obtained only 15% in the polls, without waiting for the result of the Bundestag (parliamentary) elections in September.

Steinemeier served as Chancellery Minister under Gerhard Schröder, Foreign Minister under Chancellor Angela Merkel and, since 2017 Federal President.

Steinmeier has become very frank about his faith, especially in recent years. He is a member of the Evangelical Reformed Churcha denomination that is part of the German Evangelical Church (EKD).

“I am a Christian and active in the Protestant Church. Of course, my Christianity has to do with my actions in society, after all, I don’t leave my faith in the cupboard when I go to my office in the morning“, said the federal president to the students in Tunis in 2015, according to Livenet.chtalking about the relationship between society and religion.

The politician explained that the The Bible has become more important to him in recent yearsfor “in the course of a lifetime, the certainty of the importance of a God who strengthens and protects, who directs and sustains and who forgives, grows”.

In February 2019, Steinmeier invited people to the Bellevue Forum on the subject of religion. He pointed out that “interest in religion is stronger than ever although church attendance is not popularbut two-thirds of Germans nevertheless claim to be religious”.

In 2020, he also pointed out that in the coronavirus pandemic, the “need for faith and higher responses is increasing.”

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– Re-elected German President Steinmeier: “I don’t leave my religion in the closet”

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