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The blood of Arab citizens has become cheap in the eyes of Arab leaders, and images of Palestinians murdered at the hands of the criminal Israeli occupation forces fill television screens, but we do nothing. This is why bloodshed across the Arab world is now the norm and does not frighten us. Blood lost its sacred inviolability and became the fastest way to solve problems, especially among young people. There is now a strange audacity to use weapons and kill people that has permeated Arab societies. This is an unprecedented situation.

This thought crossed my mind as news filtered through about two horrific crimes in Egypt and Jordan that shocked us all. The first was the murder of Naira Ashraf, the beautiful Egyptian student who was shot by her colleague at the university gate, as if slitting the throat of a chicken, in front of passers-by too busy filming the incident on their phones. laptops. to stop it.

Then the beautiful Jordanian girl Iman Rashid, a student at the University of Applied Sciences, was shot dead by an unknown man who fled and committed suicide. The reason for killing her died with him. However, we know that Naira’s killer loved his victim madly and she rejected him and his family. He decided to take revenge and “preserve his dignity” by killing her.

These two heinous crimes were not the first in Arab society. In fact, the murder rate is on the rise, with young people being the main victims and murderers. In Egypt a few months ago, a young man killed another in broad daylight, in front of passers-by. He cut off her head and proudly walked with her among the people who looked on in amazement.

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These two crimes were not the last either. Less than a week later, a medical student was killed by one of her colleagues who cheated on her and then reneged.

In societies that pride themselves on their morals, values ​​and religion, we must seek out the real reasons for such brutality on the part of ordinary citizens if we are to challenge such behavior. And we should challenge it. We cannot allow blood to flow easily in society.

We can begin to admit that religious faith is lacking in too many young people. This stems from the fact that all Arab governments are afraid of Islam, but they hide behind the term “Islamist extremism”, a description coined by the West to justify war against Islam and Muslims per se. Therefore, they are against young religious people and call them extremists and terrorists. We shouldn’t be surprised because religious studies as a school subject is now optional, with little impact on the hearts and minds of young people who pay little heed to principles of faith to guide their life.

In addition, religious institutions are now fully under government control. Senior civil servants are subject to government orders. Mosques are no longer open outside prayer times; there are no lessons, seminars or discussions as has happened in the past. Governments are not content with this and have also banned religious centers for memorizing the Quran and teaching purely religious education that would improve morals and behavior in society.

The media are also controlled by Arab governments. They have reduced the number of religious programs, which are virtually non-existent on television today, despite the existence of more than a hundred satellite channels. Throughout the month of Ramadan, when we are supposed to draw closer to the Almighty, these channels deliberately destroy the spirituality of the month and make it the month of Satan. They fill their screens with dozens of lewd soap operas, featuring dancing, drugs, alcohol, prostitution and bullying, but not a single religious series of the kind seen in the past.

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Art was given an effective but irresponsible role in changing the values ​​of Arab societies and altering their moral standards. The balance was disrupted, making it easier for young people to turn to guns to solve problems. Even well-educated university students turn into savages in this way.

But what do we expect from young people, whose role model is now Mohammad Ramadan, the legend who walks down the street bare-chested, brandishing his sword, honored by army leaders and rewarded with a university degree? We should not be surprised since materialism has risen above religious and cultural values. Social media has a lot to answer for in this regard.

This is the generation that grew up on immoral dramas, movies, and songs, and the low-life, semi-educated “elites” preside over the political, cultural, and media scene despite their personal ignorance. Such “influencers” are a disaster for the Arab world and the main reason for our people’s emptiness of mind and soul.

I’m pretty sure there’s been a systematic western secret service plan to sabotage Arab societies in the hands of their own people since the inception of CMB channels in the early 90s. After watching some shows, I wrote in Egyptian Al Wafd newspaper that these channels will destroy Arab societies, with children’s programs full of violence, inappropriate language, depravity, frivolity and empty-mindedness. Add to that what is called reality TV, with immoral young men and women living together, and we can understand why traditional Arab family values ​​have been destroyed.

How to destroy a society without war? This was explained by Russian journalist Yuri Bezmenov. He was a Russian KGB undercover agent who defected to the West after resenting the intelligence agency’s crackdown on intellectuals who violated Moscow policy. He fled first to the United States and then to Canada and took the pseudonym of Tomas David Schuman.

Bezmenov/Schuman then educated people about the plots against them. The time when armies are used to subjugate states is no longer a priority, he said; victory is now achieved by defeating the state from within. He described a four-step process, beginning with a period of 15 to 20 years to destroy the morals and values ​​of the target society. These efforts fail when it comes to restoring religious values, because religion guides individual relationships within society and makes them relatively harmonious even in the most difficult times. Fifteen to 20 years are needed to ensure that at least one generation is nurtured and educated in alternative values ​​and morals. These alternatives replace the foundation of society and distract people from their faith. This in turn removes any sense of responsibility and weakens loyalties. Media “personalities” and “celebrities” are used in this process.

Isn’t this precisely what is happening in our Arab societies? We even have the wars excluded by Bezmenov/Schuman.

Arab leaders must be brave and honest, and take their responsibilities seriously before societies completely collapse. They must confront these destructive plans with radical countermeasures aimed at restoring the values ​​and morals of Arab societies to what they were before the Internet age. There must be a strong political will and a determination on the part of everyone to reform society, in which religious, families, schools, the media and artistic institutions must actively participate. The value of good role models must be planted in the hearts and minds of young people by studying their Islamic history, which is rich in positive role models, outstanding heroism and great personalities who have enlightened all dark places of the world with their knowledge, civilization and culture. Many of them led Europe out of what is called “the dark ages”. Let us not forget that Europe and the West repay us by dragging us into the darkness of their past.

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