Donald Trump says he’s done more for ‘Christianity, religion of all types’ than anyone else, ever

There is nothing Donald Trump does, or has done, better than anyone else in human history, or so he claims. His latest whopper came in an interview on evangelical network CBN News recorded at Mar-a-Lago. “You know, nobody’s done more for Christianity, nobody’s done more for religion of any kind, than me. And they’re really doing things now, for…and I’ve always said, they’re against organized religion, they’re against Christianity. trump said. It’s a savage lie the attention-hungry ex-president has brazenly spouted before. In 2018, he claimed on the same network, “[N]No one has done more for Christians or Evangelicals or frankly religion than me. He came out with the same statement in 2021, on another Christian network, The Victory Channel.

He has also said in the past “No one has ever done for the black community what President Trump has done”, that “no one” has more respect for women than he does, that he knows “more about the courts than any human being on Earth, “knows ‘more about drones than anybody’, knows more about taxes than anybody ‘perhaps in the history of the world’, and that he did more for veterans than the late Senator John McCain, who, unlike Trump, was actually a veteran.

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