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Opening and closing date: Now open until February 28, 2022

After entering the Times Higher Education (THE) Asia Ranking in 2020 and ranking 60th in Asia, Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) managed to maintain its position in Asia in 2021, 4e place in ASEAN, and classified in the band 351-400 globally. This year, the impact of UBD’s research and the quality of citations have improved significantly, increasing the world ranking in fields from 311 in 2020 to 268 in 2021. Learn more about our background and our latest achievements in THE and QS.

Universiti Brunei Darussalam welcomes applicants for a three-year doctorate. Scholarships in various fields for admission in August 2022. Three types of scholarships are available: UBD Graduate Research Scholarship (UGRS), UBD Graduate Scholarship (UGS), and UBD Scholarship. Click on scholarship hyperlinks for eligibility and more details. The scholarships provide full tuition waiver and free accommodation for 36 months on the CORE Residential College campus. In addition, UGRS and UGS offer a monthly allowance of 1,500 BND and 500 BND respectively.

The scholarship application must be submitted online at:

There are many positions available in various fields based on our research expertise which are related, but not limited to, 1) the eight UBD research axes; which includes biodiversity research, energy research, Asian studies, Islamic studies, data analysis, sensor technology research, catalysis research and plant research; 2) Research groups (Bioinspiration, optoelectronic device, biosensors, science and halal detection (BHSD), medicinal plants, catalysis, marine ecosystem and climate change); and 3) the research axes of the faculties and institutes listed below. Click on the hyperlinks to our faculties, institutes and centers to learn more about our expertise and our research areas.

Academy of Brunei Studies

Center for Advanced Materials and Energy Sciences (CAMES)

(Plasmonic technology, gas / chemical sensors, functionalized coating materials, catalysis, adsorption, bioenergy, solar fuel)

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

(Environments and Transformation, Globalization, Migration and Diaspora, Language, Culture and Society)

Faculty of Integrated Technologies

(Energy systems, Manufacturing systems, Information and communication systems)

Faculty of Sciences

(Monitoring and conservation of environmental protection, biotechnology and nanotechnology, natural products and new functional materials, geological studies of Brunei and Southeast Asia, artificial intelligence and robotics)

Institute for Applied Data Analysis (AIDA)

Institute of Asian Studies

(Migration and Diaspora, Culture, Bio-culture, Diversity, Tourism, Heritage, Ethnic Minorities, Religion, Borneo Studies, ASEAN, Historical Studies)

Institute for Research on Biodiversity and the Environment (IBER)

Institute of Political Studies

(Public Policy, Islamic Governance)

Institute of Health and Sciences UBD PAPRSB

(Biomedical and clinical sciences, Nursing and midwifery, Public health)

School of Business and Economics

(Strategic issues in business, theoretical and applied economics, Islamic economics and finance)

SOAS Center for Islamic Studies

(Islamic Civilization, Islamic Thoughts, Islam and History, Islamic Literature, Islam and Science, Islam, Development and Environment)

Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah Education Institute

(Preparation for teaching, Curriculum, Assessment and Pedagogy, Values ​​in education)

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