Converting illegal activities from religion to the name of religion will not be tolerated: CM

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan said that on the basis of complaints of irregularities, the EOW raided the residence of the Chairman of the Education Church Board of North India, Jabalpur, September 8.

They were surprised after seeing fraud in the lease of trust institutions, non-payment of tax and 17 property documents, 48 ​​bank accounts, cash amount of one crore 65 lakh, 18,000,342 dollars Americans and 118 pounds, which was revealed in the descent. Eight four-wheelers were also recovered.

Large-scale irregularities and fraud came to the fore. The state government will check whether the money has been used for illegal purposes. It will also be checked whether the conversion of religion and other illegal work has been done through the trust. EOW will investigate this, the district administration will have its own role. Chief Minister Chouhan said this in a message to the media after meeting with officials regarding the action in Jabalpur.

Chief Minister Chouhan said there have also been complaints of fraud, non-payment of tax or breach of trust by changing name, irregularity in stamp duty or renewal of lease in trust institutions . All these cases are also forwarded to the EOW. The district administration will also investigate this. Conversion or other illegal activities in the name of religion will not be tolerated at any cost.

Chouhan said the conditions for granting leasehold land to the trust are set by the government. The land is leased for educational, medical work, hospital and religious purposes. There are complaints from all over the state that instead of the purpose the land was allotted for, it is being commercialized in many places. It will also be investigated statewide.

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