Catholic Archbishop of Religious Leaders

Bishop Kaigama said religious leaders must be “terribly” worried about the political situation in the country as “bad politics and bad governance” have led to the suffering of young Nigerians.

“Due to bad politics and bad governance, our young people, discouraged and crippled by socio-economic conditions at home, are desperately seeking greener pastures in countries where our resources as the so-called ‘giant of l ‘Africa’ could be ten times more than theirs,” he said.

He added that due to poor governance, many young Nigerians are staying at home due to the failure of the government to respond positively to the demands of members of the Union of Academic Staff of Universities (ASUU) who have been striking since February and the fact that educational institutions have become unsafe.

“Religion should strengthen the worship of God; sanctity of life and preparing people for life in paradise,” the Nigerian Catholic Archbishop said.

He explained, “If only we use religion to build strong relationships with each other and with God, we will conduct politics without bitterness, malice or violence; we will have a fair distribution of resources and appointments to influential positions with more sensitivity and balance.

“This is how we can achieve the national consciousness and cohesion that we so badly need, when merit dictates national policies or choices and not who you know or what tribe you come from or the religion you practice. “, Bishop Kaigama said.

He urged the 12 deacons he was to ordain to stay focused on their priestly ministry, saying: “Don’t be distracted by the very things you give up for the kingdom of God. Jesus wants you and us to preserve the dignity of the priesthood office according to His will.

He added that as priests, the 12 were sent by Jesus “not in search of personal purses, knapsacks, sandals, the very things he forbade his disciples to seek while on their mission.”

“So go and be ‘priest enough’ for the people. Be messengers of hope, animators of communities of faith and spiritual guides for people. Let your voice echo the voice of Jesus – a voice of hope, a voice of truth, a voice of justice and righteousness,” Bishop Kaigama said August 20.

Magdalene Kahiu is a Kenyan journalist with a passion for Church communication. She holds a degree in Social Communications from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa (CUEA). Currently, she works as a journalist for ACI Africa.

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