Blessed Assurance: Try, Try Again | Religion

Reverend Dan Albrant is pastor of Mount Pleasant and Mineral United Methodist churches.

Well, after a little hiatus while the resume reorganized and reassembled, I was invited back to share my thoughts with you. All things happen in their own way and in their own time, and I’m glad we have the opportunity to be together again in this way! Thank you to the CV staff who work so diligently to put out a journal each week. With the loss of so many local newspapers, it is important that we redouble our efforts to support all those people behind the scenes who are never focused on their efforts on our behalf. Thanks to everyone who tries again and again to make sure we have something we can turn to for local news and items to consider!

I was reminded last week of a quote from GK Chesterton, a British theologian who wrote compelling reflections on Christianity and the state of its world. About 100 years ago, in response to some angst in the religious ranks over increasing secularization and declining church attendance, he wrote: “…The Christian ideal has no not been tried and found to be insufficient. This was found difficult and was not tried! Things haven’t changed much in 100 years…have they?!

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