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If your parents want you to go abroad, no need for IIT-IIM. No need for any kind of academics. Instead, you can sell tea or study religion

Dear Agony Akka,

I am 17 years old, I live in Raipur and I despair of being an actor. My parents, however, continue to insist that I do IIT-IIM and leave the country for some fancy foreign work. I hate the idea. I hate engineering. I hate computers. In fact, I hate studying. I just want to go to Mumbai and star in blockbuster movies and be a hero. I am very handsome, like the Ranveer Singh types, and I can dance very well too. I am always selected in all the social activities of the school. But my parents just don’t understand. Can you tell me how to convince them of my career choice.

– Boldly eager to act

Dear BETA,

I’m not at all sure playing the part is a good career choice these days. Notice, given your talent set – being good looking, being able to dance, not at all interested in studying – acting seems to be the # 1 profession of choice. But these days it seems like high risk work. Watch how Sushant Singh died. God only knows what and how much he must have suffered. Look what happened to Rhea. The channels have made football his life.

Now the same with the son of the great SRK. If the superstar’s son can go to jail, at what cost the son of the businessman from Raipur? You are doomed.

Imagine, for a moment you are standing one day smoking a cigarette and all of a sudden a car comes and pulls up beside you and 2-3 guys of goonda start unloading many bundles of white stuff and throwing them away. tidy. Imagine again that you see them carrying guns. You are trying to become invisible.

At this point, another car arrives at high speed and stops there. Two or three men come out and it soon turns out that they belong to the Narcotics Crime Bureau. What do you think will happen next?

You think they’ll stop the goonda guys. Hahaha! Foolish boy, you stand there first an actor and second smoking. Of course, they will stop you. Don’t you know that smoking in public is prohibited? What do you mean by trying to be stylish a la Rajini lounging against the wall with a cigarette? You will be locked up and the key thrown away.

The Office is a frighteningly efficient organization that is completely impartial and transparent in all of its actions. It doesn’t matter if you are a famous actor or an aspiring. All he wants is for dangerous traffickers to be sidelined and he knows tobacco is more dangerous than drugs.

Another very important fact that the Bureau knows is that drug use gives a hallucinatory experience, which can make even 3000 kilos of drugs look like 13 grams and vice versa. This is why the quantity of drugs seized is not large in the phantasmagorical world of trafficking and sale. What is important is profession, religion, age, name, etc. people who are in the vicinity of the drug. My advice is to stay completely outside of Mumbai.

If your parents want you to go abroad, no need for IIT-IIM. No need for any kind of academics. Instead, you can sell tea or study religion, both have very good possibilities for traveling abroad. In fact, if you become a leading guru like our Nithya, you can even establish your own foreign country.

You think why I give career advice that ignores your dance skills. I am not that stupid. Do you think you can become Nithya without dancing between physics and mathematics and the cosmos and you and me and me? No chance.

– AA

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