A Scientology minister believes in the power of religion to improve lives

Rev. Renáta Szommer, newly ordained Minister of Scientology

Budapest Church of Scientology

Budapest Church of Scientology

A newly ordained Hungarian Scientology minister shares how Scientology has helped her improve her own life and the lives of others.

BUDAPEST, CENTRAL HUNGARY, HUNGARY, Sept. 5, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Renáta Szommer, Hungarian Minister of Scientology, believes in the value of religion in improving many areas of a person’s life.

There are many demands in life, says Szommer: one’s job or career, one’s relationships, one’s marriage, one’s parenthood. “It is not always easy to align and do well all these aspects of life. And unfortunately, a problem in one area can seriously affect the rest.

Newly ordained Scientology pastor, she explains how she was able to improve her own life with the help of Scientology.

“I became a Scientologist over 20 years ago,” she says. “I was working overseas as a student, and the people I worked for weren’t the friendliest. In fact, almost no one who worked with them before me lasted more than a year.

Despite the challenges of the job, it was a good job with good pay and she wanted to succeed.

Fortunately, just before starting this job, she had taken an introductory course in Scientology. It made all the difference. She noticed that when she applied what she learned from these classes, it worked.

“That’s when I decided I wanted to know more. I wanted to know exactly what Scientology was,” she says. Even though she knew she had only learned a small part of Scientology, it had helped her through the tough times and enabled her to succeed when so many others had failed.

“Later, I applied what I learned while raising my son. He is successful in his studies, he is determined in his life,” she says.

Szommer is very proud of her son and that although she has a large circle of friends who really enjoy hanging out and partying, they do not involve themselves in harmful substances.

Before becoming a minister, Szommer was an entrepreneur. She would help people with their businesses, but there was so much more she wanted to be able to share with them.

She decided to sell her business and devote herself to helping people.

She found that by applying Scientology’s spiritual advice – called auditing, from the Latin word “audire” meaning “to listen” – it helped those around her to do better and gave them much more control over their lives. life.

As she continued her training in Scientology, she noticed the difference in her ability to help others.

“People came to me, asked for advice, and I could help them transform their marriage in a positive direction and reconcile with their partners. They became able to direct their affairs, their human relations and their education of children in the right direction, and that made me very happy,” she says.

But his training as a Scientology minister also broadened his understanding of other beliefs and practices.

“I wanted to learn about other religions and I wanted to find the similarities and differences between them and Scientology,” she says. “I saw how much we share the same goals and how important it is that we all keep moving in the right direction.”

Szommer grew up in a Catholic family. “I was going to church and I could see that those who really practice religion are much more loving and helpful,” she says. “The teachings that religion gives people help them to live together more easily.”

During her training as a minister at the Church of Scientology Budapest, by learning about other religions and philosophies, Renata gained an even greater understanding of Scientology and its commonalities with other religions.

“If we look at the history of mankind, religion has emphasized love of neighbor and mutual friendship and understanding,” she says. She points out that there are so many wonderful ministers of all faiths. They have ministries dedicated to helping those in need, to helping children. Many schools are run by ministers. Instead of harshness and hostility, religion helps direct people to love and help.

“My plans are to continue providing spiritual guidance and helping people,” Szommer says. “I can help those around me and everyone who turns to me to have a happier and better life.

“Society turns to religion, whatever it is. Religion helps us all win and live in a better world.

From its inception, the Church of Scientology has recognized that freedom of religion is a fundamental human right. In a world where conflicts are often linked to intolerance of the religious beliefs and practices of others, the Church has, for more than 50 years, made the preservation of religious freedom a primary concern.

The Church publishes this blog to help create a better understanding of freedom of religion and belief and to provide news about religious freedom and issues affecting that freedom around the world.

The founder of the Scientology religion is L. Ron Hubbard and Mr. David Miscavige is the ecclesiastical leader of the religion.

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