100 Bulgarian evangelical pastors sign declaration against new religious law, Evangelical Focus


On Sunday November 25, more than 3,000 people attended a large rally to defend religious freedom in Sofia (Bulgaria).

Many journalists covered this demonstration, compared to the two previous events. Almost all national television networks, newspapers and major websites sent journalists to cover the protest.

At first, the crowd, made up of members of evangelical churches, gathered in front of the Bulgarian parliament, and several pastors spoke of problems with the new legislation.

The second part of the rally was a prayer time. The whole meeting interceded against the new legislation.

Then the Christians started walk to the prime minister’s office building. There was another prayer time there and then the walk returned to the original location.


All along, pastors were sign a document that was submitted to Parliament on Thursday 29. This is an official view on behalf of evangelical churches, containing 13 pages of legal arguments against amendments to the law on religion. Aronud a one hundred pastors signed the declaration.

About 100 pastors have signed a declaration against the law on religious denominations which may soon be passed in parliament.  / Vestnik Zornista

On Wednesday November 28, evangelicals in Bulgaria had a National Day of Prayer and Fasting. The Bulgarian Evangelical Alliance and other organizations encourage Christians all over the country and abroad to “continue to pray with us”.

There have been reports that lawmakers are determined to pass the new law in the coming weeks. So far, however, the Parliament does not discuss the bill.

Evangelical leaders will remain in their demand for international intercession: “for the freedom of the gospel in Bulgaria; for the wisdom and fear of the Lord in the hearts and minds of our politicians; and against the amendments to this law ”.


Several international organizations such as the Global Evangelical Alliance and the Baptist World Alliance called on the Bulgarian parliament to stop a bill that “legalizes state interference in the affairs of religious communities, which invariably comes at the expense of religious freedom ”.

The president of the Bulgarian Evangelical Alliance sent a letter alarming about the profound consequences that such a law would have on all evangelicals in the country.

The rally started and ended in front of the Bulgarian Parliament in Sofia.  / Vestnik Zornista

In an interview with Evangelical focus, Rumen Bordjiev said: “The testimonies of faith of our brothers and sisters who suffered before us are still strong in our memories”.

Vlady Raichinov contributed to this article. Read more information on Bulgaria.

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– 100 Bulgarian evangelical pastors sign declaration against new law on religion

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