forgarður helvítis  

  the history ...  

Forgarður Helvítis took form from dreams of two teenage farming boys. They quickly gathered three relatives with similar thirst for extreme music and started creating.

According to the christian timetable this was in the year 1991 and the country was Iceland. Death and Devilry were having a huge impression on youths creating music at the time but members of Forgarður Helvítis sought more extreme ways to express themselves.

Through tape trading and the distribution of their recording session through the underground they contributed to various compilations in various corners of the world. All the time learning more about their own ability to create and enjoying creation according to their own premises.

Even as love affairs turned to families and payments of houses took over from partying, the brutality has continued to this day. Member have been mostly the same through the years.

Their first full album - self released "Gerningaveður," saw the light of day in summer of 2002.


  recent songs  
Án þess að depla auga (Without blinking an eye) 
  -  mp3 lyrics
Krossfest börn (Crucified children) 
  -  mp3 lyrics
Særing (Exorscism) rehersal recording 
  -  mp3 lyrics